We have LOTS of experience with the issues associated with the STOCK Porsche shift cables, and the issues they produce.  There were various approaches before, but now you can get all the pieces to make this a complete solution…..the Numeric Short Shifter assembly, and then either the Numeric Shift Cables or the Porsche 996 Cup Car Cables.  Numeric makes units for both the 996 / 997 911 cars, as well as a unit for the 981 / 986 /987 Boxster / Cayman.

The 996 /997 system can use either the Numeric Shift Cables, or the Porsche 996 Cup Car Cables.  For the Boxster / Cayman, we recommend the Numeric Shift Cables.

This system solves the two most common problems when driving on the track w the OEM shifter.  The stretch in the stock cables that often causes the 2nd – 3rd gear change to be missed, as well as improving the shift throw distance and accuracy of the shift.  BRracing has installed all of these units, and has put them through track abuse, and has many customers using these systems as well.  Track proven…and can save you from the dangerous mis-shift.

Get your solution today from BRracing.