For over the past 10 years, VMR Wheels has been an industry leader in providing leading edge wheel solutions & are widely recognized by car enthusiasts across the globe.

From the start, where raw, uncut aluminum arrives at their facilities, to the moment when finished wheels are ready for shipping, they make sure strict quality control protocols are followed. Each set of VMR wheels is machined in house specifically to your vehicle, allowing proper bolt-on fitment – no centering rings, no spacers, no mess.

VMR provides wheel solutions that look or are very similar to leading edge wheel designs across the world, but at a price and value that can not be beat.

VMR now offers both FLOW FORMED wheel solutions as well as their traditional CAST wheels.

HERE is an image that tells the whole story around the difference between the new FlowFormed Wheels and the standard Cast Wheels.  FlowFormed allows a lighter, stronger wheel, and less material.  Finer cuts in the metal can be made to create a more refined look.

The advantages of a FlowFormed wheel are quickly apparent, but like most products, when you get a better product, more refined, more manufacturing detail, stronger…..the price is not the same.  With a FlowFormed wheel, you get a wheel that is more like a FORGED wheel, but at a fraction of the price of a Forged Wheel.

For cost effectiveness, and still great looks, look to the Cast Wheels shown below.


Available in a wide range of diameters, center bores, and fitments, call us today to discuss your application.

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