Introducing the NEW APEX EC-7 Wheels

The new EC-7 wheel is ready to ship. Designed specifically for BMWs, the EC-7 caters to the most popular, high performance, and even previously unknown fitments for BMWs. With the EC-7, APEX has produced an affordable, 18″ & 19″ wheel in widths from 8.5″ to 11″ that has clearance for 380 MM BBKs – Brembo and StopTech.

The EC-7 addresses the concerns of more and more racers and track day enthusiasts: long term durability, fit, and performance. Because of the increase of faster and heavier cars being used for racing, HPDEs, and spirited driving, the EC-7 was designed and engineered to handle extreme abuse while being lightweight; perfect for street and track.

To maximize the fitment options for the large variety of BMWs, the EC-7 comes in three concave shapes.  P1, P2, and P3.  You can see the difference in the shape of the new wheel in the image below – the Silver EC-7 in each of the design shapes is shown, with P1 on the left (least concave), P3 on the right (most concave).

Multiple fitment combinations to fit every requirement:


E9x M3

  • Street : 18×9.5″ ET22 Front and 18×10.5″ ET27 Rear
  • Aggressive Street : 18×10″ ET25 Front and 18×11″ ET25 Rear
  • Track : 18×10″ ET25 Square

E9X NON-M3 (all regular 3 series)

  • Street – Pre LCI :18×8.5″ ET35 Front and 18×9.5″ ET35 Rear
  • Aggressive Street – Pre LCI: 18×9″ ET31 Front & 18×9.5″ ET22 Rear
  • Track – Pre LCI : 18×9 ET31 Square or 18×9″ ET31 Front & 18×10″ ET33 Rear
  • Street – LCI : 18×8.5″ ET35 Front and 18×9.5″ ET43 Rear
  • Aggressive Street – LCI: 18×9″ ET31 Front and 18×9.5″ ET35 Rear
  • Track LCI : 18×9″ ET31 Square or 18×9″ ET31 Front & 18×10″ ET43 Rear

EC-7s in other fitments to work with your BMW:


  • E46 3 Series (

  • E46 M3 (

  • E36 3 Series

  • E36 M3

  • Z + Z M

  • E82 + 1M

APEX designed the EC-7 in multiple square and staggered fitments for street, track, and race purposes. Give us a call at (408) 356-1515 and we will make sure whatever you order is perfect for your applications.

EC-7 finishes available: Race Silver, Anthracite, Satin Black.

You can’t beat the combination with the APEX Wheels – light weigth, storng, and available in specific fitments for your BMW at a GREAT PRICE. 

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