AUDI Battery And Repair / Replacement Service

Don’t wait till your battery dies….just at the wrong moment. 

Important meeting to be at….picking up the kids from school…..plane to catch… night……vacation trip to Tahoe……carpool group for commute to work… tee time…..get the idea, too many important times that you need the car to start…every time.

Did you know that batteries have a life, and even with the best batteries, they usually only last about 5 – 6 years?  If your battery is original, then you need to consider replacing it.

Don’t wait till its too late….and it fails at just the wrong time.

Most modern cars (those built after 1995) have a constant draw on the battery, so even a good working battery is being stressed even when the car sits.  If you only drive a short commute, you are also stressing the battery, as you need a drive of over 20 minutes to give the battery adequate time to recharge after sitting.

Next….don’t think that you can just run down to your local auto parts store and get a new battery…most cars now require the battery to be “MARRIED” to the car in software w the manufacturer’s diagnostic system (which BRracing has).  If you install a new battery, and don’t “MARRY” it to the car, the car will kill the new battery in about 4-6 weeks.

Don’t wait…get a new battery (w a 6 or 7 year warranty) from BRracing TODAY (we have them in stock).

BRracing – keeping your car running ALL the time…