BRracing – Results, Growth, Expansion

This past month represents BRracings 4th year in business.   We started in Feb 2007, out of our garage on a Saturday when we did some suspension work for our [...]

BRracing – Results, Growth, Expansion2011-03-17T10:15:33-07:00

BRracing – expanding again

BRracing has expanded again....not just in terms of people and resources, but in locations and space. BRracing has had from the beginning a vision of a three pronged business strategy [...]

BRracing – expanding again2010-06-28T21:49:36-07:00

BRracing adds state of the art equipment

To further the "one stop shop" capability of BRracings Los Gatos shop location, and to provide solutions that no other shop is able to deliver in the South Bay, BRracing [...]

BRracing adds state of the art equipment2010-05-16T05:42:09-07:00

BRracing named GMG Northern CA distributor

BRracing continues to expand and grow its business overall, and one of the key segments is the growing Porsche community, both for enthusiasts and regular full service and maintenance.  As [...]

BRracing named GMG Northern CA distributor2010-05-16T05:42:26-07:00

BRracing – Dealer now for Novitec- Rosso

Novitec Rosso has made quite a name for itself as a leader delivering premier tuning solutions for Ferrari across the globe.  Now, BRracing has been announced as a full fledged [...]

BRracing – Dealer now for Novitec- Rosso2010-05-16T05:42:42-07:00

BRracing developing own product line

Here is the first hint.  As we have developed and grown our business, our intimacy with our customers has been a key element.  Our customer base is now quite large, [...]

BRracing developing own product line2010-05-16T05:43:01-07:00

BRracing adds to technical staff

As the saying goes, great places are made by having great people.  We are BRracing fully believe in that, as everyone on our team is far more than just another [...]

BRracing adds to technical staff2010-05-16T05:41:35-07:00

BRracing has exploded – larger location

BRracing...with just a little over a year and a half at our current location, has completely outgrown our space due to our expanding business and services.  But, we haven't really [...]

BRracing has exploded – larger location2010-05-16T05:43:20-07:00

BRracing now a M7 Tuning dealer

We are constantly on the search for innovative products and solutions, ones that are not just a product, but ones that make a great difference in the performance, handling, and [...]

BRracing now a M7 Tuning dealer2010-05-16T05:43:28-07:00
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