Fluid Service Series – Brake Fluid

With more and more cars incorporating "conditional based service warnings", we felt it wise to review the basics of brake fluid and brake fluid service or flush. We will first [...]

Fluid Service Series – Brake Fluid2022-04-16T15:51:10-07:00

Brake Rotors – Which One?

BRAKE ROTOR OPTIONS - Which One is  Right For You? When customers are adding or upgrading their brake system, we often get asked the question about which brake rotor type [...]

Brake Rotors – Which One?2015-12-26T12:49:18-08:00

BMW CCB Brake Maint

Carbon Ceramic Brakes (CCB) are not new, but they are relatively new to BMW cars. The new BMW F80 M4 and the F82 M3, along w the M5 / M6 [...]

BMW CCB Brake Maint2015-04-24T14:14:17-07:00

BMW / MINI Motor Oil – Major Shift

BMW / MINI Cooper Engine Oil Supplier Change For as many years as I can remember, BMW, and later BMW & MINI, have defined the ONLY engine oil of choice [...]

BMW / MINI Motor Oil – Major Shift2015-01-24T17:11:30-08:00

Let’s Get Blasted

Let's Get Blasted - Intake Valve Cleaning Service using Walnut Shell Blasting Tool EXAMPLE below of a dirty intake tract and valves and a perfect candidate for walnut blasting cleaning [...]

Let’s Get Blasted2014-12-31T14:15:08-08:00

Do Street Tires Age Out?

Do Street Tires Age Out? On the side of a DOT tire, there are a whole bunch of markings.? They must mean something.? They do. And we will often examine [...]

Do Street Tires Age Out?2014-11-16T20:40:56-08:00

Tire Markings – Why All The Fuss?

TIRE MARKINGS If you go to any club race, semi-PRO race, or PRO race, and look at the sidewalls of tires, you will likely see all sorts of markings on [...]

Tire Markings – Why All The Fuss?2014-08-03T18:30:42-07:00

MINI Cooper S R53 Engine Mount

This is a view by BRR on the engine mount used in MINI Cooper S models from 2003 to 2006, including the convertible / cabriolet. The models are - MINI [...]

MINI Cooper S R53 Engine Mount2014-10-04T08:37:58-07:00

Porsche Settlement – Cayenne Pipes

Porsche Cayenne Plastic Coolant Tubes Class Action Lawsuit PROPOSED Settlement. BRracing has reported and shown the issues with many of the early year Porsche Cayenne plastic coolant pipes. The issue [...]

Porsche Settlement – Cayenne Pipes2014-10-04T08:41:34-07:00

BMW Revises Oil Change Interval

BMW Revises Oil Change Interval We had just posted and documented the change MINI Cooper had made on the oil change interval (decreasing it to 10,000 miles from 15,000 miles), [...]

BMW Revises Oil Change Interval2014-10-04T08:42:43-07:00

Porsche IMS Class Action Suit – Settlement

Many of you know, and you can read here in our www more about the known issues w the Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS), but Porsche has settled a class action [...]

Porsche IMS Class Action Suit – Settlement2014-10-04T08:42:57-07:00

MINI Cooper PS Pump – Warranty Extension

MINI Cooper Power Steering Pump - Warranty Extension   Do you own a 02-05 MINI Cooper, or a 02-05 MINI Cooper S, or a 2005 R52 MINI Cooper or Cooper [...]

MINI Cooper PS Pump – Warranty Extension2014-10-04T08:43:09-07:00

MINI Changes Oil Change Interval

MINI Oil Change Interval We have written before about our concern relative to the high mileage interval between oil changes on most BMW and MINIs. Now MINI has apparently seen [...]

MINI Changes Oil Change Interval2014-10-04T08:43:24-07:00

BMW / MINI Cooper Fuel Filters – Lifetime?

BMW / MINI Cooer Fuel Filters - Lifetime? We seem to be coming across a set of items that used to be normal service items on cars, that are now [...]

BMW / MINI Cooper Fuel Filters – Lifetime?2014-10-04T08:43:45-07:00

NHTSA Probe of Porsche Engine

(Reuters) (April 30, 2013) - Porsche 911 cars are the focus of a defect investigations by U.S. safety regulators, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Tuesday. Defect investigations [...]

NHTSA Probe of Porsche Engine2014-10-04T08:44:01-07:00
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