When customers would come in and ask about suspension options, we generally only had two options, and each came w its own set of tradeoffs.  Add to that difficulty the implementation by most of the auto manufacturers of some form of dynamic shocks, and now the options had even greater tradeoffs. Up till now….KW introduces the Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) kit solution. No longer do you need to give up the electronic dampening  (Audi Dampening System (ADS), BMW Electronic Dampening (EDC), or Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM) to gain height adjustability, or even some sportier springs.

KW height adjustable springs kits are a great alternative to conventional springs. You don’t have to be satisfied with a fixed lowering height (if you were instead to go w sport springs as your option to lower the car) as you can adjust the height with the KW height adjuster even after the kit has been installed. This works well for many cusotmers since they like to swap wheels or change the look / rake / clearance to meet your specific needs and requirements (like, what if you bought sport springs, and after the install, you still have a slight clearance issue on getting into and out of your driveway?  You have only two options, live w it, or go back to your old OEM springs). 

The other traditional approach has been to implement or install coil-overs, but that means a much greater expense, and you lose the stock adjustable or electronic dampening of the original shocks.

On a new BMW F8x M3 or M4, these new height adjustable springs allow the car to be lowered;

in mm:
Front: 15-30
Rear: 5-30

in inches:
Front: 0.6-1.2
Rear: 0.2-1.2

The kits are very complete.  Here is an example of what is included in the kits –

Front –
2 x Progressive main springs, with linear helper spring
2 x KW composite spring isolator intermediate ring
2 x Threaded sleeve with adjustable spring perch
2 x Elastomer rising rate bump stop

Rear –
2 x Progressive springs
2 x Threaded adjustable spring perch
2 x Elastomer rising rate bump stop
2 x Damper vent disk
2 x Secondary bump stop / travel limiter

The new KW Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) ktis are available for newer Audi, BMW, and Porsche models.


A4 (B8)
Sedan (2WD and Quattro) – from 11/07
Avant / Wagon (2WD and Quattro) – from 04/08

S4 (B8)
Sedan (2WD and Quattro) – from 11/08
Avant / Wagon (2WD and Quattro) – from 11/08

A5 (B8) (Cabrio, Coupe 2WD & Quattro) – from 05/07

Sedan, Avant Quattro – from 04/06



For Porsche

911 (991) models
Cayman / Cayman S (981) models
Boxster / Boxster S (981) models



F8x M3 & M4 models
F10 M5
F12 M6

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