Bridgestone RE-71RS – Now Available In The US

Customers often ask...."what is the best track tire?"  For many years, the answer was the Bridgestone RE-71R....but, Bridgestone stopped making and shipping that tire in late 2020.  The expectation was [...]

Bridgestone RE-71RS – Now Available In The US2022-04-24T16:43:31-07:00

Fluid Service Series – Brake Fluid

With more and more cars incorporating "conditional based service warnings", we felt it wise to review the basics of brake fluid and brake fluid service or flush. We will first [...]

Fluid Service Series – Brake Fluid2022-04-16T15:51:10-07:00

Internet Sales – CA Sales Tax

In the past, an online seller (Internet Sale) who sold to customers located in a particular state had to have some physical presence in that state before the state could [...]

Internet Sales – CA Sales Tax2019-08-17T12:21:53-07:00

2018 Car Dependabilty / Reliability Results

Each year, JD Power researches hundreds of thousands of owners on their experiences with their car. The J.D. Power 100-Point Score rates vehicles based on quality, dependability, performance, depreciation and [...]

2018 Car Dependabilty / Reliability Results2019-03-03T14:18:26-08:00
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