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We have so many customers w the amazing BMW E46 M3, but all seemed to attack a couple of areas, but not the complete project. ?So, in as little as four weeks, we put together our E46 M3 prior to BimmerFest 2008 to showcase what a complete solution can look like.

We have seen the bits and pieces on so many other M3′s, but, for BRR, we are all about performance on the street and track, so our solution needed to properly combine all of these. ?We wanted a car that looked the look on the street, but not produce a ride that was intolerable, yet, not only have the look for the track, but be able to outperform all others there.








Gruppe M titanium exhaust (amazing loud sound, and incredible light weight)



We think we got there…we have a car that looks stunning on the street…the car sits low and aggressive, but w the great suspension, never rubs, and allows a ride that can handle the roughest freeway, amazing BMW exhaust sound, great gitty up and go, stops on a dime, and we haven’t found anyone who can keep up w us on the track.

All of these products you can get from BRR at a great price that can’t be beat anywhere, and we can customize the solution to meet your requirements.

But, we’re never done…so, stay tuned for even more tweaks

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